Learn the body parts in French

Vocabulary about body parts in French

When you start to learn a new language, in this case French, learning the body parts, it’s important as those words are often used in daily conversations, and in different situations such as if you break your arm for example, and you need to go to the hospital.

In this lesson, you can learn the most common body parts in French, with an example sentence for each and an audio file to listen to the pronunciation.

The list covers vocabulary from head to toe.

French  How to pronounce it  English
le corps
the body
Tu as le corps musclé.
You have a muscular body.
la tête
the head
Il a été blessé à la tête.
He was injured in the head.
les cheveux
the hair
J’ai les cheveux bruns.
I have brown hair.
le visage
the face
J’ai le visage rouge.
I have a red face.
le front
the forehead
J’ai des boutons sur le front.
I have pimples on my forehead.
le sourcil/les sourcils
the eyebrow/eyebrows
Elle s’est fait épiler les sourcils.
She had her eyebrows plucked.
les cils
the eyelashes
Elle a de longs cils.
She has long eyelashes.
le nez
the nose
Il a un gros nez.
He has a big nose.
les narines
the nostrils
J’ai les narines bouchées.
My nostrils are clogged.
la joue
the cheek
Arrête de me pincer la joue.
Stop pinching my cheek.
les fossettes
the dimples
J’adore les fossettes chez les femmes.
I love women with dimples.
la bouche
the mouth
Ferme la bouche.
Close your mouth.
la lèvre/les lèvres
the lip/lips
J’ai la lèvre enflée.
My lip is swollen.
la langue
the tongue
Ne tire pas la langue.
Don’t stick out your tongue.
la dent/les dents
the tooth/the teeth
Il a les dents blanches.
He has white teeth.
le menton
the chin  
J’ai un bouton sur le menton.
I have a pimple on my chin.  
la mâchoire
the jaw  
J’ai mal à la mâchoire.
My jaw hurts.  
l’oreille/les oreilles
the ear/the ears  
La maîtresse m’a tiré les oreilles.
The teacher pulled my ears.
l’oeil/les yeux
the eye/eyes  
J’ai les yeux bleus.
I have blue eyes.  
le cou
the neck  
Le cou de cette femme est long.
This woman’s neck is long.  
l’épaule/les épaules
the shoulder/shoulders  
Je me suis fait mal à l’épaule.
I hurt my shoulder.
le bras/les bras
the arm/arms
Il a les bras musclés.
He has muscular arms.
le poignet
the wrist
Je me suis cassé le poignet.
I broke my wrist.
la main
the hand
Tiens-moi la main.
Hold my hand.
la paume
the palm
J’ai une verrue sur la paume de ma main.
I have a wart on the palm of my hand.
le doigt/les doigts
the finger/fingers
Mon chien m’a mordu les doigts.
My dog bit my fingers.
le pouce
the thumb
J’ai le pouce engourdi.
My thumb is numb.
l’ongle/les ongles
the nail/nails
J’ai les ongles longs.
I have long nails.
le coude
the elbow
J’ai de l’eczema sur le coude.
I have eczema on my elbow.
le torse
the chest (for male)
Je me fais épiler le torse.
I’m getting my chest waxed.
la poitrine
the chest (for female)
J’ai une douleur à la poitrine.
I have chest pain.
le sein/les seins
the breast/breasts
Les seins sont une zone érogène. 
The breasts are an erogenous zone. 
le téton/les tétons
the nipple/nipples
Je me suis fait percer les tétons.
I got my nipples pierced. 
la côte/les côtes
the rib/ribs
Il a les côtes cassées.
He has broken ribs.
le ventre
the belly
J’ai le ventre gonflé.
My belly is swollen.
le nombril
the navel
Le nombril est une chose bizarre.
The navel is a weird thing.
le dos
the back
J’ai un coup de soleil sur le dos.
I have a sunburn on my back.
la jambe
the leg
J’ai mal à la jambe gauche.
My left leg hurts.
la cuisse/les cuisses
the thigh/thighs
J’ai les cuisses engourdies.
My thighs are numb.
le genou
the knee
J’ai le genou enflé.
My knee is swollen.
le mollet
the calf
Mon chien m’a mordu le mollet gauche.
My dog bit my left calf.
la cheville
the ankle
Je me suis tordu la cheville.
I twisted my ankle.
le talon
the heel
J’ai le talon tout noir.
I have a black heel.
le pied/les pieds
the foot/feet
Elle a une ampoule sur le pied droit.
She has a blister on her right foot.
l’orteil/les orteils /les doigts de pieds
the toe/toes
Je me suis tordu le gros orteil.
I twisted my big toe.
la peau
the skin
Elle a la peau bronzée.
She has tanned skin.
les poils
the hairs
Je me rase les poils des jambes.
I shave off my leg hair.

Note : 

Undefinite article :

“un” is like “a” in English, and “une” is the feminine of “un”.

For example: un doigt (a finger), une main (a hand).

How to know the genre of each word? Well, it will come by practice, until you remember naturally.

Definite article:

“le” is “the”, and “la” is the feminine of “le”.

For example: le genou (the knee), la bouche (the mouth).

“les” is the plural.

For example: les dents (the teeth)

“des” is “some”.

For example: des cheveux (some hairs), which differs from les cheveux (the hairs)

When you start to learn French, you will most likely be wrong with the gender of the words when talking to people, but it’s not a big deal, French native speakers will not laugh about you, they will understand anyways, and in some case, some will correct you. If you say “le main” instead of “la main”, we still get it.

Never be afraid to talk, it is how you will learn to speak any language, we all make mistakes, but practice makes perfect or almost!


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You can also watch our video to learn the body parts in French :

We hope this lesson was helpful for you, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.


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