Describe your daily routine in French

Learn how to describe your daily routine in French

In any language, it is important to know how to describe your daily activities! In this lesson, we will  learn how to describe your daily routines in French, illustrated with some pictures and examples sentences. You can listen to the audio for each word, to learn how to pronounce it correctly.

When speaking with a French speaker, you are likely going to want to at least refer to your daily routine, so learning vocabulary about this topic is a good thing for your learning process.

Knowing these words and phrases is also excellent for listening to other people as they are likely to talk about their daily routines and you are going to want to be able to understand what they are saying.

Vocabulary about daily routine in French

Se réveiller = To wake up

Example :

Je me réveille à 7 heures du matin. = I wake up at 7 in the morning.

Se lever du lit = To get up from bed

Example :

Je me lève du lit à 8 heures. = I get up from bed at 8 o’clock.

Faire son lit = To make bed

Example :

Je fais mon lit tous les jours. = I make my bed every day.

Aller aux toilettes = To go to toilet

Example :

Je vais aux toilettes. = I go to toilet.


Se brosser les dents = To brush teeth

Example :

Je me brosse les dents trois fois par jour. = I brush my teeth three times a day.

Se laver le visage = To wash face

Example :

Je me lave le visage avec de l’eau froide. = I wash my face with cold water.

Se doucher = To shower

Example :

Je me douche pendant 15 minutes. = I shower for 15 minutes.

S’habiller = Get dressed

Example :

Je m’habille en 5 minutes. = I get dressed in 5 minutes.

Se maquiller = To put on make-up

Example :

Elle se maquille pendant 1 heure. = She puts on make-up for 1 hour.


Prendre le petit-déjeuner = To have breakfast

Example :

J’aime prendre un petit-déjeuner. = I like having breakfast.

Aller à l’école = To go to school

Example :

Je vais à l’école en bus. = I go to school by bus.

Aller au travail = To go to work

Example :

Je vais au travail à 9h. = I go to work at 9am.

Déjeuner = To have lunch

Example :

Je déjeune à midi. = I have lunch at noon.

Rentrer à la maison = To go home

Example :

Je rentre à la maison à 19h. = I go home at 7pm.


Arriver à la maison = To arrive at home

Example :

J’arrive à la maison à 20h. = I arrive at home at 8pm.

Faire ses devoirs = To do homework

Example :

Je n’aime pas faire mes devoirs. = I don’t like to do my homework.

Dîner = To have dinner

Example :

Je dîne avec mes parents. = I have dinner with my parents.

Regarder la télé = To watch TV

Example :

Je regarde la télé avec ma copine. = I watch TV with my girlfriend.

Écouter de la musique = To listen to music

Example :

J’aime écouter de la musique. = I like listening to music.

Aller au lit = To go to bed

Example :

Je vais au lit à 23h. = I go to bed at 11pm.


Dormir = To sleep

Example :

Je dors vers 23h30. = I sleep around 11.30pm.

More examples without audio : 

Se rendre au travail en voiture = Drive to work

Prendre un taxi = Take a taxi

Attendre le bus = Wait for the bus

Préparer le dîner = Prepare dinner

Faire la lessive/Faire le linge = Do the laundry

Accrocher les vêtements = Hang the clothes

Repasser les vêtements = Iron the clothes

Plier le linge = Fold the laundry

Prendre un bain = Take a bath

Se brosser les cheveux = Brush your hair

Surfer sur internet = Surf the net

Aller faire les courses = Go shopping

Faire du sport = To exercise

Laver la voiture = Wash the car

Jouer avec des amis = Play with friends

Sortir avec des amis = Go out with friends

Prendre des photos = To take pictures

Jouer de la guitare = Play guitar

Lire les nouvelles = Read the news

Arroser les plantes = Water the plant

Aller se promener = Go for a walk

Nourrir le chien = Feed the dog

Nourrir le chat = Feed the cat

Promener le chien = Walk the dog

Sortir les poubelles = Take out the rubbish

Balayer le sol = Sweep the floor

Faire la vaisselle = Wash the dishes

Nettoyer les fenêtres = Clean windows

Ramasser les feuilles = Rake the leaves

Tondre la pelouse = Cut the grass


You can also learn watch our video to learn how to describe your daily routine in French :

We hope this lesson was helpful for you, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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